About Us

Become a part of the live-saving squad:

Action for Pune Development is an NGO, which has taken up the project of building a database of blood donors, and the sole aspiration is to reach thousands of people who are in urgent need of blood.
Thereby, we have a target to establish a strong database with thousands of donors from Pune city initially, and gradually start functioning at a national level.
The pace of life has increased but so has the rate of accidents and diseases. Accident victims and patients in urgent need of blood often lose their lives due to lack of blood. We need to overcome the gap between people in need of blood and blood donors.
We aim to create an umbrella of thousands of people so that we're able to cater to the needs of those who need help and in turn save lives.
The framework of the organization is such that the contact information of every donor remains confidential. The details of the donor are only accessed by the webmaster and will not be disclosed to anyone under any circumstances.

Our working procedure:

-When a person registers with our blood  directory, she/he is asked to provide their basic details: contact number, address and blood group.
-During crises, when there is a requirement for  blood, people can contact us.
-Thereafter, we will immediately send a text message to all the donors of the required blood group.
This helps in saving time and the speed at which the blood is available and thus, helps to save the patient's life.
You may not be a superhero with incredible powers, but donating blood saves lives & that makes you a "superhuman".

Disclaimer : APD Blood Directory is not a Blood Bank. We are just an online link between the patient and the donor. APD does not take any responsibility in any matter whatsoever.