About APD

Action for Pune Development is a non-profit organisation started by a group of 60 teenagers, which has emerged as a successful youth-led organisation engaged primarily in the development of Pune city.

Passion, ability, energy, agility, determination, team-work; the power of youth is truly unlimited.

Being young allows you to think beyond clich├ęs and set new trends, just like we did and also won recognition by the Limca Book of World records, Golden Book of world records and India Book of world records for being the youngest ones to establish an NGO.
'Being the youth of the nation' is seen as a sensibility that empowers to rise to every challenge by our team and it is this vision that resulted in success of various campaigns undertaken by us. Tree plantation drives, raising funds for old age homes, working for the specially abled, working with UNICEF for raising funds for child welfare, gathering peoples' voices for MY WORLD 2015 campaign of the United Nations and gaining maximum support for the 'Save Kids Lives' campaign which was a part of the UN 3rd Global Road Safety week- these are a few to mention.

Community service is the lifeline of APD and the entire organisation commits itself to it. While we have achieved success in various campaigns, in the process we have also reached out to and involved over 50,000 youngsters with community service.
For the dedicated work and determination to achieve a better tomorrow, APD has been bestowed with various awards and the most recent is the United Nations 'Innovation
award' for reaching out to half a million people with the My World 2015 survey in and around Pune City.

The growth in the number of projects or awards is not the only an indicator for APD's progress, but it is also the increasing support and trust which is the other dimension that APD aspires to achieve with its forthcoming project: APD  Blood Directory.

Disclaimer : APD Blood Directory is not a Blood Bank. We are just an online link between the patient and the donor. APD does not take any responsibility in any matter whatsoever.